19 June 2024


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Singapore Woman Scammed of S$700 in Taylor Swift Ticket Purchase on Carousell

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A Singaporean woman in her late 20s, known as Vee, recently fell victim to an online scam when she attempted to purchase two tickets for Taylor Swift’s upcoming concert in Singapore. This unfortunate incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with online transactions, even on reputable platforms like Carousell.

Taylor Swift is scheduled to perform six shows in Singapore in 2024, creating immense excitement among fans eager to secure tickets for the event. However, what started as an opportunity to see their favorite artist in concert quickly turned into a financial disaster for Vee.

How the Scam Unfolded

Vee came across a listing on July 5, offering a pair of Category 3 tickets for Taylor Swift’s concert. The official tickets went on sale that day, and to her dismay, they sold out within three hours. The scalper behind the listing advertised the tickets for a whopping S$500 each, with the listing description stating, “managed to get 3 tix, selling 2!!”

In a series of negotiations, Vee managed to haggle the price down to S$350 per ticket, considerably higher than the original price of S$288. An additional S$6 booking fee was also applicable for those who purchased the tickets through authorized channels on July 5.

Screenshots of the conversation between Vee and the seller revealed her express concerns and doubts about the transaction. She sought assurance that the seller could provide proof of purchase before she made the full payment, and inquired about the nature of the ticket (whether e-ticket or physical).

After Vee completed the fund transfer, she attempted to establish communication with the seller through WhatsApp to confirm the payment. However, the scammer claimed to be inactive on WhatsApp and redirected her to use Carousell’s messaging system instead.

To Vee’s shock, after transferring the funds, the seller became unresponsive, blocked her on WhatsApp, and disappeared from Carousell. She found herself in a predicament, with no tickets in hand and S$700 poorer.

Taking Action

Realizing that she had fallen victim to a scam, Vee promptly filed a police report in the hope of recovering her funds. She shared the ordeal with media outlet Mothership, expressing her reliance on her family’s temporary emergency funds and the fear of her parents discovering the situation.

Carousell’s Response

Carousell responded swiftly to the incident, banning the user @barthiboii and cooperating with the authorities in their investigations. The platform encourages users to report suspicious listings and users through the “Report Listing” and “Report User” features available on both the web and the app.

In their statement, Carousell reminded users to conduct background checks on deals, especially when they feel uncomfortable with a transaction. They emphasized the importance of arranging physical meet-ups to verify the authenticity of tickets before making payments. Additionally, sellers were urged to adhere to reselling terms and conditions set by official channels to maintain transparency.

This incident serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the significance of vigilance and safety when engaging in online transactions, even on platforms as reputable as Carousell.

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